Thursday, September 11, 2008

GWU Canada

This weekend is the first George Wythe Institute Canada Benefit Gala. The George Wythe University model includes multiple campuses in many countries. This much anticipated campus in Canada is one step closer to reality thanks to Leaff, the organizing/sponsoring organization.

"Canadians face formidable challenges and exciting opportunities that will be best met by committed, courageous leaders. Great leaders understand the world we live in–its past, present and future –and have a vision of the immense potential people have to find answers, build bridges and create solutions. Throughout history, the preparation of true leaders has happened through classics and mentors, simulations and field experience, and a firm grasp on the role God/Truth hold in all the affairs of humankind." ~ from the Leaff website.

I especially want to thanks Allan and Heather Burton for all that they have done, are doing and for all that they will be doing in the future to make this a reality. I am looking forward to a fantastic event here in Cardston, Alberta which will help build "good government worldwide".

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RandomCritic said...

You are not very descriptive about your background - for example, tell more about your military service - what branch, division, etc were you in? How long? Where did you serve?

Also, what was the international corporation that you worked in prior to attending george wythe college?